Infra red image of the Langdale Valley, Lake District, United Kingdom
South East Iceland
View of Half Dome, Yosemite, California
Lofoten, Norway
Seaweed Study, Sutherland, Scotland
Inle Lake, Mynamar
Perthshire, Scotland Infra-red
Grasses, South Iceland
Infra-red image of an approaching storm over the plains in Arizona
Infra red image of Beech Wood, Kent
Fences in Snow, Lofoten, Norway
Oaks in infra-red, Hawkhurst, Kent
Vik, Iceland
Jurrasic Coast, Dorset, United Kingdom
Sand Study
Vik, Iceland
Forest Fire, Yosemite, California
Yosemite - Detailed Study
Sutherland - Detailed Study
Yosemite - View of Half Dome in Infra-red
Yosemite Falls, Yosemite, California, Infra-red
Groynes, Rye, Sussex
Hebrides - Detailed Study
Grasses, South Iceland
Silver Birch, Lake District
Volcanic Boulder Field, South Iceland
Sea Defences, Essex
Groynes, Rye, East Sussex
Vik, Iceland
Zabriski Point, Death Valley, California
Jokulsalon, Iceland
Silver Birch, Kent Infra-red
Buttermere Lake, Lake District Infra-red
Marram Grasses, Hebrides, Scotland
Lanmanager, Central Iceland
River Study, Sutherland, Scotland
Jokulsarlon, Iceland
Wester Ross, Scotland
Inter-tidal Zone, Vik, Iceland
Central Iceland
Silver Birch Study, Hokkaido, Iceland
Near Jokulsarlon, Iceland
Yorkshire Dales, UK, Infra-red
Lake Inle, Myanmar, IR
Lake Inle, Myanmar
Vik, Iceland
Snow Covered Woodland, Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
Silver Birch and Snow, Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
Hoare Frost, Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan

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I have had an interest in photography as long as I can remember. Images simply appeal to me. Images provide a means to have a different perspective on reality. They provide a means to express oneself and bring a personal vision or a perception to life. Photography is a fantastic vehicle to pursue this and provides limitless opportunities to explore.

The advent of digital photography gave a new lease of life to my life long passion. It has made the 'dark art' of photography far more accessible and immediate. I also now have full control from capture to print. Post processing and printing are for me as enjoyable and fulfilling as standing in the field taking the image.

My photographic journey continues. It never amazes me how much you learn about what you don't know. Every field trip has the ability to put into to perspective what it takes to be a great landscape photographer. Each time in the 'digital darkroom' reveals limitations and opportunities in each image. It is a never ending journey.


I have been a professional photographer for nearly 10 years now. I have worked with some great coaches and mentors who taught me how to see images and of course have helped to extend my technical skills both in the field and during post processing and printing.

I am a co-founder, with Paul Gallagher, of aspect2i, the Landscape Photography Workshop Company, which offers landscape and travel photography workshops and tours, many of which I lead. aspect2i also runs the Epson Print Academy and I am a lead presenter and trainer specialising in all aspects of the Digital Darkroom (photography post processing and printing).

Exhibitions of my work have been held in Belgium, France and the UK. I have also written a number of articles for different websites and magazines.


I can be contacted via email at or More of my work can be seen on my Facebook page.